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Placing an Order

What is the difference between my mailing address, my billing address, and shipping address during check out?

Your mailing address is the address we have on record for your customer account; it is the address we send your catalogs to you. Your billing address is the address your bank account is associated with. Your shipping address is the address you wish your order to be shipped to. You can choose to send your invoice to either your billing address or your shipping address.

  • Continue to checkout – you will see another keycode box.
  • If your keycode does not appear in this box, then it hasn't been entered correctly, or has been rejected.
  • Enter your keycode in this box and press "Apply Keycode". Do this BEFORE entering your credit card information. The page should reload with the discounted prices visible.
  • If you are still not seeing your discount, verify that you have entered the keycode correctly, and that the offer has not expired.
  • If you are sure you have entered the keycode correctly, that the keycode has not expired, and you are still not receiving the discount, please include a note for customer service in the "Special Comments" box in the order form. We will make sure that the discount is applied to your order. Please note that in this case the discount will not appear on your order confirmation and that not all keycodes give a special pricing.

Why isn't my question on the FAQ?

Probably because we haven't heard it yet! We update the FAQ as a result of customer questions and input. If this FAQ didn't answer your question, please use our Contact Us page or call our customer service department at  800-255-9034 and we will do our best to resolve your issue.

How do I know if an item is in stock?

Every item has a message that will let you know about the stock level for that item. Items marked "In Stock" are on our shelves and you should experience no delay in receiving your order. "Unavailable" items are currently in backorder. You may experience some delay in getting your order. Items that are marked "Low Stock Call For Availability" means there is only a small quantity on our shelves. This may be a temporary situation or it may indicate the end of a model. If several orders are placed for this item at the same time, we may not be able to fill all orders before the item goes into backorder. If it is important that you receive your item promptly, we recommend you call Customer Service to place your order at 800-255-9034.

Some custom order items may have different messages that tell you about how long you will have to wait to receive that item. In cases where only some items are on hand and others on backorder, we will ship non-backordered items separately, but you will only pay a single shipping charge.

Why do you need my email address?

Russell's For Men uses your email address only to communicate with you regarding your orders, such as shipping confirmation and tracking information. Any other use will be if you opt-in to our weekly email special. We DO NOT sell or rent your email address!

Did you email me and ask for my credit card information?

NO. Russell's For Men will NEVER ask you to provide credit card information by email. If we do need to resolve credit card problems with your order, you may receive an email asking you to contact our customer service department. We will not request that you provide your credit card information by email. We will contact you via telephone if it becomes necessary.

Why won't you ship to my country / state?

Various state and federal export and knife laws keep us from shipping certain knives to certain locations. Additionally, the risk of credit card fraud in certain areas of the world prevents us from taking orders via web from some countries. Although most of this information is handled automatically by the website, knife laws can change. If you would like to place an order, and the website will not let you, please call our customer service department at 800-255-9034.

Why don't you accept Diners Club or Paypal or American Express?

The credit cards we accept are the ones that work for our business and for our customers. We do accept personal checks and money orders. You may print your order just prior to check out and mail it along with your check or a money order to:

Customer Service
Russell's For Men
2900 S 26th St.
Rogers, AR 72758-8571

I would like to return my purchase. How do I do that?

Russell's for Men has one of the most solid guarantees of any retail company operating today. Simply put: We guarantee total satisfaction. You decide what satisfaction means; you decide how long you are entitled to be satisfied (except on electronic products. Please see our Satisfaction Guarantee to full details). If you need to return a part of your order, please ship it to the following address (a return address label is provided on the invoice for your convenience) or use our Contact Us form to get more information. Please return all parts of the product, including the warranty information and the product box. Ship to:

Russell's For Men
2900 S 26th St.
Rogers, AR 72758-8571.

Please include a brief description of why you are returning your purchase. We strive to provide top quality products and customer service. Customer feedback is an important part of that process.

My email address has changed. How do I update it on

For the purpose of entering orders on our website, you can simply enter your new email address if you are using Guest Check Out. If you have previously registered on, click on “My Account” at the top of the browser to edit your account. Or call Russell's For Men customer service at 1-800-255-9034.

I would like to cancel my order? How do I do that?

Contact our customer service department with the "Invoice Number" that you received when you completed your order. If it has not already processed, customer service will be able to cancel it for you. Note that it may take up to an hour for orders to appear in customer service. Please be patient. Orders that have already been processed and shipped out cannot be cancelled, and will have to be returned.

How do I send a gift?

To send your order as a gift, select which address you would like to send your gift to in the shipping section of check out, add a gift message (and who it is from), and be sure to give us any instructions you have for us in the Special Instructions comment box. Also please indicate where you want a copy of the invoice to be sent by checking the appropriate box on this same screen.

I signed up for the occasional special emails, and now I don't want it anymore. How do I stop getting it?

There is an opt-out link at the bottom of every Russell's For Men email. Just click there and we'll flag your account DO NOT EMAIL. You will not receive those weekly emails until you again ask us to send them. We would only use your email address to contact you regarding your orders. We never share your email address with other companies.

Remove me from your mailing list! I do not wish to receive you catalog anymore.

We're sorry to lose you! If we have disappointed you, please contact customer service to see if we can resolve your complaint. It's rare that there's a customer complaint that we can't resolve for you. If you still would like to be removed or if you do not buy from Russell's For Men and just don't want the catalogs in your mail box, please use our Contact Us form or call 1-800-255-9034 and request that not continue to mail our catalogs to you. 


Website Specific

Your site looks terrible in my browser!

We're interested in knowing what browser (Safari 3.1.2, Internet Explorer 7, etc.) you're using, and on what operating system (Windows, Mac 9.0, Mac 10.5, mobile, etc.). As the web advances, it becomes possible for us to offer more features to more users, but it becomes harder and harder to program a website so that it works in every browser.

Keep in mind that if your browser is very old, or very rare, it might be best to browse our site with JavaScript and CSS turned off. Refer to your browser's documentation to learn how to disable these features. If you have any specific comments, concerns, or suggestions please use our Contact Us form.

I keep getting a warning about using Internet Explorer 5.

Internet Explorer 5 is now an extremely old browser. Although you will still be able to place orders and navigate the site, you may find from time to time that things don't quite work as expected. We recommend that you update your browser to Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 7.

I found a typo / bug.

Please send a detailed description of where the bug / typo can be found using our Contact Us form. We will address the issue. We appreciate your help!

I want to browse without JavaScript, but I keep getting an error.

You can still browse the site without JavaScript, but you may find that elements of the site do not work as expected and you may experience decreased function. If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to call us to place your order. Reach our customer service at 800-255-9034.

Why isn't my question on the FAQ?

Probably because we haven't heard it yet! We update the FAQ as a result of customer questions and input. If this FAQ didn't answer your question, please use our Contact Us page or call our customer service department and we will do our best to resolve your issue Contact Us or call 800-255-9034).

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